The Angel & The Bee 


The company started in 2013, after a lifelong love affair with art and illustration. 


A degree in the History of Art and Design and a career in art galleries and museums, were spun from the passions of childhood.


As a child, I loved reading beautifully illustrated books and to be transported to the realms of my imagination. I would sit for hours drawing and creating characters of my own. This playful, naive and child-like quality still shines through my work and I hope my characters bring a sprinkling of joy to all they meet!

Between having a baby and working full-time, The Angel & The Bee never got the full attention it needed and deserved. Yet, by the end of 2016, everything had changed. 


My baby was now a little lady and I took redundancy from my museum career. Emerging slightly shocked and bewildered to leave behind all I had known, it dawned on me that I was being given a golden opportunity, a now or never to pursue a life-long dream. So I took it and 2017 marked the dawn of a new era.


I'm working very hard at turning my dreams into reality and hope to inspire my daughter to do the same.

About me

Charity Donation

The Angel & The Bee donates 5% of its profits to an NHS Neonatal Unit in South Manchester. 


In 2013, my daughter was born premature. It was a very difficult time for all of us, but thanks to the amazing care and support we received from the Wythenshawe Hospital Neonatal Unit, Kitty is now a very happy, healthy and hilarious little lady.

My gratitude to them will last a lifetime and I wanted to give something back in order to help other children and families in their care. 


Kitty fills my life with such joy and tells me that she would like to be a tiger or a "Doctor of Animals" when she grows up. 

The Angel & The Bee

is the creation of Helen Grice

Each design is lovingly drawn and painted by hand before being scanned and printed onto high quality card.